Each of the 22 members of the GSG has a National Advisory Board working to catalyse impact investment in their country or region. Discover each one below.



Results driven co-operation for societal well-being

The Finnish National Impact Investing Advisory Board represents all of the central actors for impact investing. The mission of the National Advisory Board is to promote the construction of the impact investing ecosystem in Finland. Its purpose is to provide support to all three ‘cornerstones’: the public sector, service providers and investors. A co-ordinating operator such as Sitra will be needed in the future as well with the purpose to convene various actors and to support operational practices.
  • A total of


    is the current size of the Fast Employment and Integration SIB fund, the largest in Europe
  • An estimated


    public sector organizations which plan to utilize present and upcoming SIB funds in Finland
  • Organized


    Impact Accelerator training programs for Impact Actors

Key Resources

    Key People

    Board Members

    Henri Grundstén
    Chairman of the NAB, Development Director TESI
    Olli-Pekka Heinonen
    Director General, Finnish National Agency for Education
    Hille Hyytiä
    Managing Director, Motiva Ltd
    Terhi Kilpi
    Director, Professor, Department of Public Health Solutions, National Institute for Health and Welfare
    Kimmo Lipponen
    CEO ARVO, Finnish Association of Social Enterprises
    Pekka Samuelsson
    Investment Director, Taaleri Plc.
    Sami Tuhkanen
    Vice President, Endowment Capital Sitra
    Pentti Pikkarainen (Chair)
    Director, The Ministry of Finance
    Teri Heilala
    CEO, FIM Asset Management Ltd.
    Teemu Japisson
    Former Secretary General, The Finnish Olympic Committee
    Vertti Kiukas
    Secretary General, SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health
    Taina Kulmala
    Ministerial Advisor, The Prime Minister’s Office
    Timo Lindholm
    Director, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
    Veli-Mikko Niemi
    Director General, The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
    Ulla Nord
    CEO, The We Foundation
    Heikki Nystedt
    Head of Fixed Income, Taaleri Wealth Management Ltd.
    Secretary of the NAB, Project Director of Impact Investing Sitra
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    Otto Toivanen
    Professor, Aalto University
    Jari Vaine
    Special Advisor, The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

    Key People


    • Petri Hilli
      Senior Advisor, Impact Investing, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
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    • Juuso Janhonen
      Specialist, Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
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    • Taru Keltanen
      Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
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    • Anna Tonteri
      Specialist, Impact Investing, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
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