Social entrepreneurship

A revolutionary force

There is a growing number of entrepreneurs applying their creative energy to find innovative ways of addressing social problems. Impact-driven innovation is helping improve millions of lives as non-profits, profit-with-purpose companies and established businesses increasingly embrace impact creation.

The rise of impact entrepreneurship

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    Impact entrepreneurs are driving new ways of tackling the increasing inequality that underpins social and environmental issues worldwide.

    From financial inclusion and climate change, to a lack of access to basic education and healthcare, the social challenges facing the planet are daunting. Fortunately, there is also a growing desire amongst social organizations and entrepreneurs to help solve these problems at scale by harnessing the power of private capital.

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    Social entrepreneurs and civil society organizations are attracting new sources of finance from investors to supplement traditional funding sources.

    Private capital is helping to bridge a gap that philanthropic giving and government alone cannot fill. Social sector organizations and entrepreneurs are increasingly adopting innovative business models where measurable impact and financial returns go hand in hand. Opening up to impact investors allows these organizations to no longer depend solely on grant funding to fulfil their mission.

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    Impact investment unleashes the twin powers of investment capital and entrepreneurial creativity.

    Young millennial entrepreneurs no longer see a trade-off between “doing good” and “doing well”. For them, impact investment is paving the way to more meaning than just making money. Purpose and financial returns go hand in hand, with impact driving profitability rather than impairing it.

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