The impact movement is today at an inflection point. When the latest data is released, impact investment assets under management are expected to have reached the $1 trillion milestone. This movement is gaining traction, but it still needs direction and tools to evolve and grow.

There are two urgent imperatives at the heart of the GSG’s efforts: working on how impact investment can help in the COVID recovery; and building a resilient and sustainable investment system for the long term.

To do this, impact investment must be able to solve problems at scale. That is why our new action guide, highlighted below, shines a light on results-based financing as a promising tool to deliver sustainable jobs, improve education and improve healthcare access. Impact investment also needs a place at the heart of the debate. To this end, the GSG has been appointed as a partner to the G20’s official business engagement group, the B20. We also expect to lead work on the G7 agenda which will include an impact investing project.

The impact movement can enable us to build back better and achieve a fairer global economy long term. It needs awareness and support from us all.

Cliff Prior

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