So much has changed in my first six months as CEO at the GSG. As a team and a movement, we have had to operate in virtual space, yet the impact sector has advanced as never before.

As a leading investor said at our Global Summit, “impact is in the board room: now it’s time to build the road to use it”. Below, you can read more about our initiatives, including our Summit and Leaders’ Declaration, as well as the action areas we have identified for a recovery from the hardship caused by Covid-19, and new additions to our network and team.

From new impact funds to progress on reporting systems, impact is at an inflection point. After recent elections, we can expect climate change measures to get back on track, and a broader “global rules” approach, so essential for impact integrity.

Our priority is to use all our tools and influence to achieve a just and impact-led recovery. We thank you for your commitment to impact investing.

Cliff Prior

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