Message from Sir Ronald Cohen:

Dear Friends,

What a year! As 2018 draws to a close, the Impact Revolution continues to accelerate. Thanks to the work of so many of you over the last year, Capitalism 2.0 has become an important subject of conversation, with risk-return-impact the mantra for the new social contract guiding the invisible hand with an invisible heart.

Nearly one thousand of us gathered in New Delhi in October for the 2018 Impact Summit. With more than 50 countries represented among this year’s delegates, galvanized by visionary leaders like Nobel laureate Al Gore, the Summit illustrated the global nature of this revolution. At theSummit we launched On Impact: A Guide to the Impact Revolution. We hope you share this guide with your colleagues so that they understand why this work is so important.

I am proud that we have now extended our work to Africa, with South Africa joining our family of NABs (alongside Bangladesh and New Zealand), and successful Impact Dialogues in Ghana and Kenya in December.

Our thinking has been embraced at the highest levels of government: for the very first time, the G20 Leaders’ Declaration explicitly referred to impact investment and endorsed it as a vehicle for “inclusive and sustainable growth.” This critical milestone in the development of a global impact economy would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our NAB leaders and of our GSG Global Ambassador Sebastian Wesiliejko and his Ministry in Argentina. They ably supported GSG staff in Buenos Aires at a GSG dialogue with the G20 Development Working Group (DWG), which also endorsed impact investing.

During 2019, we will continue to ask ourselves what’s next: where do we take the Impact Revolution? What norms and notions must we disrupt to fully unlock the potential of capital for good? Our 2019 Impact Summit in Santiago will explore these themes next November — but in the meantime, the GSG and our NABs will be working around the world, where we hope to meet many of you.

Onwards and upwards!

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