Impact Investors

A paradigm shift

Impact investment is changing the way in which capital is allocated. There is growing awareness amongst investors that with the rise of impact creation frameworks comes the potential to unlock much needed positive social and environmental change, alongside measurable financial returns. According to the GIIN, 209 of the world’s leading impact investing organizations, most of which pursue competitive returns, collectively manage nearly $114bn in impact assets (a baseline for the size of the market globally).

Measurable impact, real returns

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    Impact investment is driving a paradigm shift across the world by reframing the way we all think about capital.

    By measuring and seeking a positive combination of risk, return and impact, investors are evolving the way in which they make investment decisions. This is driving a fundamental change: capital will be allocated in a different way in the future than it has been in the past.

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    Impact capital helps solve social and environmental problems while generating profit, directing resources at scale to the most successful programs. This not only generates financial returns for investors, but also enables innovative social and environmental ventures to achieve significantly greater scale than would be possible through traditional funding alone.

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    At the core of impact investing is the setting of measurable impact objectives and the management of performance throughout the investment cycle. The market is turning its back on ineffective social programs that fail to demonstrate real impact. Innovative analytics and impact management techniques allow clear outcomes to be tracked and optimized. Investors want to see robust evidence of how their capital is helping improve lives and make the world a better place to live.

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