The global influence of the GSG is built on a unique and growing group of National Advisory Boards, currently made up of 30 National and Regional Advisory Boards, representing 40 countries. A further 30 NABs are under development, many in lower and lower-middle-income countries.



Mission & purpose



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    Spain NAB

    Towards an Impact Economy

    Established in June 2019 SpainNAB is an Association made up of 28 people and organizations that work to promote impact investment in Spain, ensuring the integrity of this growing market.

    • Assets Under Management

      EUR 2.378 Million

      in impact investment 2020
    • Annual growth


    • Quadruplicate

      by 2021

      Impact Investing volume by 2021 and reach EUR 360 million of Assets Under Management in the Spanish impact investment market.

    Key Resources


      Key People

      Board of Directors

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      Key People

      Strategic Partners

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      Key People


      Contact :

        Núria Calleja
        Financial Director of Impact HUB
        Pablo Valencia
        Partner of Q-impact
        Verónica Urda
        Head of impact at BBK
        Pablo Sánchez
        Executive Director of B Lab Spain
        Ana Ruiz
        Partner of Transcendent
        Jose Luis del Rio
        Managing partner and co-CEO of Arcano Capital
        Isabel Peñalosa
        Director of institutional relations and consultancy of the Spanish Association of Foundations
        Pilar Núñez
        Director of External Relations of Fundación Repsol
        Teresa Guardans
        Co-founder and CEO of Oryx Impact
        Tomás Castillo
        Managing Director of AMICA Foundation
        José Luis Ruiz de Munain
        Independent Director and CEO of SpainNAB
        Iñigo Alli
        Independent Director
        Alberto Castilla
        Partner responsible for the EY sustainability and climate change department
        María Herrero
        Vice President of the Board of Trustees and President of the Advisory Council of Fundación Exit
        Pablo Alonso
        President of Eurocapital Wealth Management
        Alberto Duran López
        Executive Vice President of Fundación ONCE
        Ana de Pro
        Independent Director
        Eduardo Diez-Hochliner
        Independent Director
        Manuel Lencero
        CEO and co-founder of UnLimited Spain
        Ana Claver
        Managing Director of Robeco Iberia, US Offshore & Latam


        Key People

        Strategic Partners

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        Key People


        Contact :

          José Luis Ruiz de Munain
          Independent Director and CEO of SpainNAB


          Impact Invesment In Bangladesh

          The National Advisory Board (NAB) acts as the advisory committee to guide the development of Impact Investment in Bangladesh. It sets the strategic direction and fosters collaborative relationships. It also attempts to resolve all issues raised within the Impact Investment Ecosystem including the reporting process. The NAB is supported with secretariat functions of Build Bangladesh (, a private sector pioneer empowering impact investment in Bangladesh.


          To ensure the sustainability of the impact investment momentum across Bangladesh by influencing and actively involving the local and global champions.


          To disrupt the mainstream investment ecosystem with Impact Investment enabling good for the people of Bangladesh.

          • 3rd fastest

            @ 7.3% annually

            Bangladesh is the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world and is expected to grow at 7.3% annually.
          • 24th largest

            43rd by 2033

            Bangladesh will become the 24th largest economy in the world from its current position of 43rd by 2033.
          • active investment

            $ 955 million

            Around 15 impact investors are currently active in Bangladesh with a total investment of around US$ 955 million.

          Key Resources

            Key People

            Impact Investing Bangladesh

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            Supporting Organizations

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            Impact Investing South Africa

            Mission & Purpose

            Impact Investing South Africa is a cross-sectoral initiative aimed at building the eco-system in order to accelerate the deployment of capital that optimises financial, social, and environmental returns. We are guided by our overall vision to achieve socio-economic justice in South Africa by building an inclusive and sustainable economy. Our objectives are to:

            • Identify

              key levers that will accelerate the growth of the market
            • Action

              recommendations that emanate from strategic processes
            • Learn

              from and share with the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing

            Key Resources

              More information available on:

              Impact Investing South Africa Local Resources 

              Impact Investing South Africa Webinars and Events


              Our People

              See Impact Investing South Africa’s Board, Secretariat and Taskforce members

              Visit the South Africa site

              New Zealand National Advisory Board

              Mission & Purpose

              The New Zealand National Advisory Board aims to contribute to a sustainable, equitable, and prosperous Aotearoa (Maori name for New Zealand) by connecting, educating, and advocating for the growth of the impact investing sector. The NAB governs the strategy and activities of New Zealand’s Impact Investing Network.
              • Connect

                Facilitate connections between New Zealand and the global ecosystem.
              • Educate

                Provide access to news, events, research, and education resources.
              • Advocate

                Influence New Zealand economy, policy, and regulations.

              Key Resources




                More resources available on:

                The Impact Investing Network website
                The Impact Investing Network LinkedIn page 

                Key People:

                See the Impact Investing Network New Zealand National Advisory Board and Team

                Visit the New Zealand site


                Korea NAB Mission

                By leading the efforts to build impact investment market in Korea, the Korea National Advisory Board for Impact Finance aims to revolutionize the thinking and practices of finance in such a way that the vision of creating social and environmental values alongside the financial returns becomes the new norm.

                  Key Resources

                    3 Key Goals
                    • By 2023, to achieve USD 500 mil capitalization through Impact Fund-of-Funds
                    • By 2023, to achieve USD 300 mil capitalization through Impact Wholesalers
                    • By 2023, to achieve USD 100 mil capitalization through SIB Funds

                    Chile NAB

                    Mission & Purpose

                    The Chile NAB promotes impact investment in Chile pushing improvement of socio-environmental investments standards and encouraging companies to integrate impact criteria in their business models to create a more sustainable world. The NAB aims to

                    • Promote

                      impact investment in Chile, involving representatives of all sectors
                    • Articulate

                      the development of an ecosystem around 5 axes: Supply; Demand; intermediaries; Enablers and State
                    • Raise awareness

                      On the importance of impact investments for a sustainable and fair future
                    • Be recognized

                      As an official institution for impact investments in the country

                    Key Resources





                      More resources available on:

                      Chile NAB publications


                      Key People

                      See Chile NAB’s people


                      Visit the Chile site

                      Grupo de Inversión de Impacto

                      Mission & Purpose

                      Our mission is to contribute to the consolidation of the impact investment ecosystem in Argentina and Uruguay, to catalyse the economic, social and structural changes that these countries need to grow sustainably. We aim to develop and connect key market players to consolidate and grow the impact investment market, make Argentina and Uruguay an attractive destination for investment at local and global level and facilitate the flow of capital to triple bottom line enterprises and investments. We are also working with the government to develop the necessary conditions at the regulatory and fiscal level to develop the market.

                      • Composed by

                        120 stakeholders from government, social enterprises, finance, academia and private sector
                      • New

                        resolution for suatinable collective investment products launched by Comisión Nacional de valores
                      • In 2018

                        1st Social Impact Bond launched in the city of Buenos Aires on job creation

                      Key Resources



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                        Visit the Argentina & Uruguay site


                        Results driven co-operation for societal well-being

                        The Finnish National Impact Investing Advisory Board represents all of the central actors for impact investing. The mission of the National Advisory Board is to promote the construction of the impact investing ecosystem in Finland. Its purpose is to provide support to all three ‘cornerstones’: the public sector, service providers and investors. A co-ordinating operator such as Sitra will be needed in the future as well with the purpose to convene various actors and to support operational practices.
                        • A total of


                          is the current size of the Fast Employment and Integration SIB fund, the largest in Europe
                        • An estimated


                          public sector organizations which plan to utilize present and upcoming SIB funds in Finland
                        • Organized


                          Impact Accelerator training programs for Impact Actors

                        Key Resources

                          Key People

                          Board Members

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                          Key People


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                          Visit the Finland site

                          European Union

                          Impact Investing in the European Union

                          The European Union Advisory Board is a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC), the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) (the latter two part of the EIB Group), three institutions enjoying a long-standing co-operation in the social entrepreneurship, social inclusion and impact investing space. In particular, over the past years, from our headquarters in Brussels and Luxembourg, we have joined forces to promote a joint agenda for fostering social entrepreneurship and social inclusion in Europe and beyond.
                          • There are


                            institutions working together: EC, EIF & EIB
                          • Over


                            financing expected for the benefit of social enterprises and micro-enterprises
                          • Circa


                            committed to social impact programs by the EIF

                          Key Resources

                            Visit the European Union site

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