Making impact count

Impact investment optimizes risk, return and impact to benefit people and the planet. It does so by setting specific social and environmental objectives alongside financial ones, and measuring their achievement.

Real impact...

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    …is measurable.

    At the core of impact investing is the setting of measurable impact objectives and the management of financial performance. There is a paradigm shift occurring across the world towards a future where a positive and measurable combination of risk, return and impact drives investments and the allocation of capital. Something fundamental is changing and the catalyst has been impact investing.

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    …drives change at scale.
    The world faces increasing inequality and the spread of social issues worldwide, from a lack of access to basic education and healthcare to climate change and the refugee crisis. These challenges can be addressed by unleashing the twin powers of impact capital and social entrepreneurship, which means we can tackle issues at scale. There is still much work to be done.

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    …adds up for everyone.
    There is no longer a trade-off between “doing good” and “doing well”. Impact investing brings together private and public capital with social entrepreneurship and not-for-profit organizations to drive huge social change to benefit the people and the planet, while delivering financial returns. It is summed up in a simple formula: Purpose + Investment = Impact2.


About GSG

Building momentum

The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) seeks to catalyze a dynamic global ecosystem for impact investment as a key enabler of innovation, entrepreneurship, and capital to deliver impact at scale.

The GSG works with a global network of National and Regional Advisory Boards, partners, and other key stakeholders to drive forward the growth of the impact investment market to a tipping point by 2020.

The GSG was founded in August 2015 as an independent, multi-sectoral and global network catalyzing impact investment and entrepreneurship to benefit people and the planet. It succeeded the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established under the UK Presidency of the G8. In July 2016, a majority of stakeholders surveyed at the GSG Summit in Lisbon indicated support for the GSG to be formalized as an entity to continue to provide multi-lateral, cross-sector leadership for global market development supported by a dedicated team.

The GSG was incorporated as a charitable company (no. 10665679) in England and Wales in March 2017. It was registered as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (no. 1175658) in November 2017. It is managed by a Board of Trustees, who are also its directors for company law purposes. The GSG was established to further charitable purposes; in particular, to develop and promote impact investment with the aim of alleviating poverty, protecting the environment and developing sustainable economic growth, and also to educate in relation to impact investment.  

  • Our Aim

    That measurable impact is embraced as a deliberate driver in every investment and business decision affecting people and the planet.

  • Our Mission

    To harness the energy behind impact investment to spark a movement around the world.

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