SDG-Driven Innovation Ecosystems is a practice-based international consortium comprising the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing (GSG) and affiliated National Advisory Boards (NABs) for Impact investing in Israel (IFIE), France (FAIR), Italy (SIA), and Portugal (MAZE). The project also involves ancillary partners in Central European (CEE) countries. 

Consortium members are working together to develop a roadmap for the creation of next-generation innovation ecosystems catalyzed by technology. Leveraging the rapidly expanding global impact investment market, the roadmap will serve to scale the application and financing of innovative, tech-based solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

The consortium’s work is generously supported by a grant from the European Commission through its Horizon 2021-2027 European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE) initiative, and by the UKRI.


Our mapping study integrates the following methods:

Desktop Research

Gather and review existing literature, including publications, industry reports, and articles.


Interview stakeholders to gather additional information for the mapping study.


With ecosystem actors to fill in knowledge gaps and promote joint action.


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SDG-Driven Tech Innovation Ecosystems Mapping Study: Methodology & Executive Summary

Between October 2022 and January 2023, our Consortium partners conducted an extensive mapping of their local SDG-driven tech innovation ecosystems, examining policies, initiatives, stakeholders, and resources. The goal was to identify strengths and barriers in each ecosystem and to share best practices. Through this mapping, the Consortium proposed an SDG-Driven Tech Innovation Ecosystem Building Blocks Framework capturing the roles and activities of SDG-Driven tech innovation ecosystem components, namely, that of market participant, market facilitator, and market regulator. Check out the methodology and key findings of our mapping study!

Two engineers inspect solar panels against a sunset.


Solar panels floating on water

Municipal-level Strategies for SDG-driven Innovation

Three Examples of Municipal Initiatives Driving SDG-driven Innovation 

Which Tech Sectors Align to the SDGs?

Impact Tools and Frameworks for Startups and VC Investors

How Innovative and Sustainable Is Your Government?

Useful Resources on Policy-led Innovation


March 2024 Newsletter

Explore the recap of our webinar “Opportunities for Purpose-Driven Tech Innovation for the SDGs,” drawing 160+ attendees from 43 countries! Stay updated on new initiatives and events from our NABs across Israel, Portugal, France, and Italy.

October 2023 Newsletter

Check out the consortium’s successful launch of the SDG-Driven Tech Innovation Ecosystems mapping study at the GSG Global Impact Summit 2023 in Malaga. Discover more highlights and insights from this impactful event!

June 2023 Newsletter

Lots of exciting firsts: Our first in-person Partners’ Meeting in Istanbul, a presentation of the Consortium’s work to fellow NABs, and the launch of three new SDG tech news blogs. Check out for more updates!

January 2023 Newsletter

With ecosystem mapping well underway, find out how NABs are engaging with local actors to fill in knowledge gaps and surface new insight. Blue Biotech technologies, food tech, impact measurement – it’s all inside!


The consortium’s work is generously supported by a grant from the European Commission through its Horizon 2021-2027 European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE) initiative.


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