News from GSG

    IDEAS FOR IMPACT: Working Group Papers

    Building Impact Investment Wholesalers

    Learn the what, why and how of building impact wholesalers

    Pillar represented: Supply of Capital
    WG Chair: Cliff Prior

    Catalysing an Impact Investment Ecosystem: A Policymaker’s Toolkit

    Understand the role of government in the impact investment ecosystem and how policymaking can be catalytic

    Pillar Represented: Policy & Advocacy
    WG Chair: Michele Giddens

    Investing for a Better World

    Read recommendations to strengthen the financial services value chain to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    Pillar Represented: Supply of Capital
    WG Chair: Lorenzo Bernasconi

    The Impact Principle: Widening Participation & Deepening Practice for impact investment at Scale

    Discover the why and what of impact investing and the theory of change for widening participation and deepening practice with practical guidance on actors and levers

    Pillar Represented: Market Builders
    WG Chair: Rosemary Addis