Millions of lives have already been improved worldwide through impact ventures delivering social and environmental outcomes alongside financial returns. With impact investment representing 1% of capital allocated globally, just a small increase could unlock billions more to benefit people and the planet. The GSG wants to work with you to scale impact by bringing purpose and capital together.

How are you driving real impact?

I drive impact projects

A growing number of impact entrepreneurs are innovating to tackle pressing social and environmental issues around the world – from access to basic services to youth unemployment and education.

I provide capital

Investors – ranging from high net worth individuals, philanthropists, institutional investors, DFIs and corporations – are increasingly backing ventures that have both measurable social or environmental impact and attractive financial returns.

I manage capital

A wide range of intermediaries are innovating across different asset classes to allocate capital to projects delivering social good as well as financial returns.

I support impact creation

Individuals and organizations around the world are working to create impact-friendly ecosystems, from building capacity to helping shape more supportive policies.