Driving real impact.

The GSG is a global organisation founded on the belief that investment done well can benefit all people and the planet.

We want societal and environmental impact to be at the heart of investment and business decisions.


The global influence of the GSG is built on a unique and growing group of National Advisory Boards, currently made up of 28 National and Regional Advisory Boards, representing 33 countries.



Developing innovative ideas, approaches, and products for impact.

We create and disseminate knowledge and thought leadership for the global impact movement.


Engaging with key decision makers to make the case for impact.

We organise events, meetings and opportunities for education, bringing together the global impact community to share knowledge and agitate for a worldwide shift to impact economies.


Developing the community of National Advisory Boards to facilitate impact investment globally.

The NABs influence policy and form a strong impact community that can meet localised needs.


GSG Global Impact Summit: Impact Solutions for People and the Planet

The Global Impact Summit is the GSG’s annual convening of stakeholders from across the impact investment ecosystem.

For the last five years this 3-day event has been the leading forum for the impact community to come together, exchange ideas, network, and co-create the future of impact investment.


Tying funding to results.

Transition to impact economies.

Sign the Leaders’ Declaration.

What is impact investment?