Working Group Papers

Building Impact Investment Wholesalers

It details the what, why and how of building impact wholesalers

Pillar represented: Supply of Capital
WG Chair: Cliff Prior

Catalysing an Impact Investment Ecosystem: A Policymaker’s Toolkit

It focuses on the role of government in the impact investment ecosystem and highlights how policy making can be catalytic

Pillar Represented: Policy & Advocacy
WG Chair: Michele Giddens

Investing for a better world

It focuses on recommendations to strengthen the financial services value chain to meet the sustainable development goals

Pillar Represented: Supply of Capital
WG Chair: Lorenzo Bernasconi

Widening & Deepening the Market for Impact Market Builders

It outlines the why and what of impact investing and presents a theory of change for widening participation and deepening practice with practical guidance on actors and levers

Pillar Represented: Market Builders
WG Chair: Rosemary Addis

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