The GSG continues as a knowledge partner to the G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group

The GSG is proud to continue its knowledge partnership with the #G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group (SFWG) under the India presidency of the G20, building on our contributions from 2021 (G20 Italy) and 2022 (G20 Indonesia).

Access the SFWG website to read our latest input paper on “Impact Investment Opportunities to Support the Social Agenda”, presented during the SFWG workshop on Enabling finance for the SDGs, held ahead of the SFWG´s second meeting on 22 March 2023, where we: 

  • Review the state and trends of the global impact investment market;
  • Make the case for the urgent need of private capital deployment at scale in support of the SDGs, in the understanding that public money alone will not be enough to tackle a $4Trn+ annual financing gap through to 2030;
  • Point to innovative impact vehicles and instruments that can be particularly helpful to make progress on some of the most pressing social issue areas, including outcomes-based commissioning mechanisms in public sector procurement and pay-for-results incentives in the global bonds market; 
  • Highlight the need for adequate policy environments and incentives, as well as convergence towards globally accepted standards and frameworks for impact disclosure and reporting as key levers for scale; and
  • Call the G20 to play a key role in scaling sustainable and impact finance in support of the SDGs and a just transition, including through leadership, international coordination and high level political support.

Thanks to all colleagues and organizations with whom we shared a most interesting panel discussion on Social Impact Financial Instruments, brilliantly moderated by Eila Kreivi from the EIB, with great contributions from fellow panelists Natasha Garcha (Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)), vineet rai (Aavishkar Group, India) and Dean Hand (The Global Impact Investing Network).

Congratulations to the G20 India Presidency, SFWG co-Chairs USA and China and our esteemed colleagues at the UNDP Marcos Neto and Marcos Mancini who lead the SFWG Secretariat.

We are delighted to continue working together to foster impact economies worldwide, mobilizing impact capital at scale, with transparency and integrity, to help bridge the $4Trn annual financing gap to deliver the SDGs by 2030 and achieve a just transition to net zero that leaves no people and places behind.

There has never been a greater need or a more urgent time to act together, transforming the global economic system for good.