Access to market data is crucial to inform NAB strategy and country roadmap, but also to support advocacy, market building and communication activities. Data on the impact ecosystem can not only be leveraged to demonstrate that impact investing is possible and desirable, but also provide clarity and enable informed decision making, for example by supporting investment decisions or policymaking.

To this end, more and more NABs have started collecting and analyzing market data to produce stakeholder mappings, landscape studies and market sizings. 

However, these exercises can be complex, and the possibilities overwhelming: it is not always easy to know where to start, or what to do next!

This NAB Dialogue aims to help NABs and Task Forces learn from our community’s experience by:

  • Providing practical advice on how to decide when, how and what data to collect and analyse
  • Highlighting frequent pitfalls and success factors
  • Enabling NABs and Task Forces to share the challenges they face and crowdsource solutions from others
  • Mapping resources that have been developed within the GSG community.