Each of the 32 members of the GSG has a National Advisory Board working to catalyse impact investment in their country or region. Discover each one below.



Mission & Purpose

The Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing provides leadership and strategy to accelerate growth of the impact investment market operating in and from Australia. We seek to bring focused attention to the field and chart a course for achieving a vibrant, dynamic impact investment market at scale that is both uniquely Australian and makes a rich contribution globally.

  • Greater than


    confirmed impact investing market at 30 June 2015
  • More than


    social enterprises and 60,000 not-for-profit organizations in Australia
  • An increase of


    planned for size of impact investment portfolios by active investors over next five years

Key Resources

    Key People

    Board Members

    Rosemary Addis (Chair)
    Adrian Appo OAM
    First Australians Capital
    David Bennett
    Chair, Social Enterprise Finance Australia Ltd
    Sandy Blackburn-Wright
    Social Outcomes, Advisory Board Member, Australian Centre for Not for Profit and Philanthropic Studies QUT
    Richard Brandweiner (Vice Chair)
    David Crosbie
    CEO, Community Council of Australia
    Sarah Davies
    CEO, Philanthropy Australia
    Rob DiMonte
    Director, Chartered Accountants Benevolent Foundation
    Carolyn Hewson AO
    Non-Executive Director BHP Billiton, Stockland Corporation, BT Investment Management
    Fabienne Michaux
    Peter Munro
    Lead Partner, Strategy, A.T. Kearney
    Peter Murphy
    Chair of RIAA's Impact Investing Forum, Non-Executive Director / Consultant
    Carol Schwartz AM
    Founding Chair, Women’s Leadership Institute Australia
    Peter Shergold AC
    Chancellor, University of Western Sydney
    Louise Sylvan (Vice Chair)
    Chair, Energy Consumers Australia; Adjunct Professor, University of Sydney, Non-Executive Director SEFA
    Christopher Thorn AM
    Partner, EY; Founder and Chair, ShareGift Australia
    Eric Williamson
    Executive General Manager, Corporate

    Key People

    Impact Investing Australia

    • Sabina Curatolo
      Director of Policy, Stakeholder Engagement and Social Enterprise Development
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    • Sally McCutchan
      Executive Director and CEO
    • Ned Efe
      Operations Manager, Impact Investment Ready
    • Poppy Cluett
      Executive Officer

    Upcoming Events

    • 7
      ‘Intercontinental Hotel’: Sydney 7 Nov 2018

      Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific

      Asia Pacific’s peak thought leadership forum for the impact investment community.

      Sydney, 7-9 November 2018

      Asia Pacific's peak thought leadership forum for the impact investment community.

    Supporting Organizations

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