The global influence of the GSG is built on a unique and growing group of National Advisory Boards, currently made up of 30 National and Regional Advisory Boards, representing 40 countries. A further 30 NABs are under development, many in lower and lower-middle-income countries.


Bundesinitiative Impact Investing

Mission & Purpose

The Bundesinitiative Impact Investing (federal impact investing initiative) aims to build a strong impact investing ecosystem in Germany to create the conditions for private capitals to meet social and environmental challenges. The National Advisory Board explores the role impact investment can have in the context of Germany’s social economy, as well as keeping an eye on the scale of impact investments in and from Germany.


The NAB’s objectives are: 

  • Increasing

    impact investing as an investment approach and raising awareness of the social impact of capital
  • Supporting

    the cooperation of different actors in the impact investing landscape
  • Promoting

    a favourable political and legal framework for impact investing
  • Supporting

    the (further) development and dissemination of uniform impact measurement methodologies and standards

Key Resources

    Key People

    Board Members

    Dr. Frank Niederländer
    Chairman, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt
    Dr. Andreas Rickert
    Chairman, Phineo gAG
    Dina Lorentz
    Treasurer, Dentons Europe LLP

    Key People


    • Martin Vogelsang
      EVPA Country Representative, Germany


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