Each of the 32 members of the GSG has a National Advisory Board working to catalyse impact investment in their country or region. Discover each one below.


Spain NAB

Towards an Impact Economy

Promoting Impact Investment in Spain under the 2030 Agenda, joining a global movement focused on mobilizing public and private capital towards solving the most urgent challenges facing our society and the planet. During 2018 and 2019 a Taskforce of more than 70 organizations from the Spanish impact investment sector joined in a collaborative process lead by Foro Impacto to produce 3 insightful reports on the supply, demand, and intermediation of capital, containing more than 100 recommendations. This process resulted in a broad consensus stated in Spain NAB final report of recommendations to advance the impact investment market in our country.

  • Assets Under Management

    EUR 90 million

    in impact investment is the starting point at 2018.
  • Organizations


    mobilized in the co-creation of the impact economy action plan
  • Quadruplicate

    by 2021

    Impact Investing volume by 2021 and reach EUR 360 million of Assets Under Management in the Spanish impact investment market.

Key Resources

    Upcoming Events

    • 23
      COP 25, Madrid, 23 Sep 2020

      Sustainable Finance Panel Discussions

      Spain has just become a member of the Global Steering Group on Impact Investing (GSG), a great achievement for a country that was not part of the impact-investing map just a few years ago. The GSG is an independent organization that brings together the national advisory boards on impact investment of 23 countries plus the EU, with the objective of catalyzing investment to address societal challenges.

      The Experience Of Impact Investing In Spain

    • 9
      Spain, 9 Dec 2019


      For more information on impact economy panels and discussions at COP25, 2-12 December Madrid go to www.foroimpacto.es

      Impact Investment focused on climate change

    Key People

    Board Members

    Juan Bernal
    President Spain NAB, CEO, CaixaBank Asset Management
    José Luis Ruiz de Munain
    Director Spain NAB, Co-founder and Executive Director, Foro Impacto
    Luis Berruete
    Director Partner, Creas Impacto
    Agustín Vitórica
    Co-Founder and Co-CEO, GAWA Capital
    Cristina San Salvador
    Social impact director, BBK
    Ana Claver
    Head, Robeco Spain & Chile
    Manuel Lencero
    Co-founder and CEO, UnLtd Spain
    Xavier Pont
    Co-founder, Ship2B Foundation
    Eduardo Diez-Hochliner
    Founder, Samaipata
    Ana de Pro
    CFO, Amadeus Spain
    Alberto Duran López
    Vice President, ONCE Foundation
    Pablo Alonso
    Co-founder and Director
    María Herrero
    Director of Institutional Relations
    María Ángeles León
    Co-founder and Director
    Javier Nadal
    President, Spanish Association of Foundations
    Alberto Castilla
    Partner, EY

    Key People

    Strategic Partners

    José Moisés Martín
    Strategic Partner, Director Partner, Red2Red Consultants
    Maribel Villaró
    Partner, Cuatrecasas
    Lisa Hehenberger
    Director, ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute
    Carmen Basagoiti
    Managing Partner, KREAB Spain

    Key People


    • José Luis Ruiz de Munain
      Co-founder and Executive Director
    • Pablo Alonso
      Co-founder and Director
    • María Herrero
      Director of Institutional Relations
    • María Ángeles León
      Co-founder and Director
    • Laura Blanco
      Director of Knowledge and Outreach
    • Laura Fernández
      Director of Projects and Operations