Each of the 22 members of the GSG has a National Advisory Board working to catalyse impact investment in their country or region. Discover each one below.



Mission & purpose

Our mission is to contribute to improve the lives of the underserved people from our country and tackle complex social issues.  We do this by boosting the potential of social innovators with the ability to generate efficient solutions. Our purpose is to catalyze and support the creation of a vibrant social and environmental impact investment market through the design and implementation of supportive public policies, the dissemination of concepts, ideas and schemes along key actors, the academic investigation and activities to create knowledge among new generations, the support and collaboration for social sector organizations to be investment ready and the creation of schemes to unlock social capital thereafter driven to concrete and measurable impact investments.


    Key public policies already under design

    Implementing a wide range of financial instruments

    Raise knowledge among all our society



    25 high-level individuals, plus associated institutions, widely recognized and praised for their professional achievements.  Our members are multidisciplinary, transversal and committed to a hands-on contribution. Their track records include high experience in a wide range of sectors, including government and public-private institutions, financial and philanthropic sectors, academia, social enterprises, and charities, among others.

    GIIS Chile has a transversal board of directors committed to the development of social impact investments in Chile; and an Executive Secretary, in charge of the Impact Chile Foundation www.impactachile.cl


    • Angelica Zegers, Chair
    • David Gallagher, Chilean Ambassador to the UK
    • Vittorio Corbo, past President of the Central Bank of Chile
    • Ricardo Lagos, former President of Chile
    • Oscar Landerreche, past President of CODELCO