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A public-private collaboration for impact investment

Impact investment has been developing in France over the last 20 years. Through the work of the taskforce, French experts have been able to produce recommendations and proposals for the government and other relevant bodies. The follow-up and new initiatives being promoted are crucial in order to accelerate the growth of the market in France.
  • Stock of


    reached across solidarity & social savings in France by the end of 2016
  • An increase of


    in the last five years for the amount dedicated to impact investing, to €1.26bn
  • Signed


    Social Impact Bonds for €2.5m, aiming to provide microcredit to hundreds of beneficiaries

Key Resources

    Key People

    Board Members

    Philipe Aziz
    Social Activities Director, AG2R La Mondiale
    Bernard Bazillon
    Director, KPMG
    Muriel Caton
    CEO, Vigeos Eiris
    Matt Christensen
    Global Head of Responsible Investment, AXA Investment Managers
    Olivier Deguerre
    Chairman & CEO, Phi Trust
    Denis Dementhon
    CEO, France Active
    Béatrice du Durfort
    Chairperson, Centre Français des Fondations
    Geneviève Ferone Creuzet
    Founding Partner, Prophil
    Patrice Garnier
    Chairman, SIFA
    Brigitte Giraud
    Vice chairman, Le Mouvement associatif
    Bernard Giraud
    Chairman, Livelihoods
    Hervé Guez
    Director responsible investment research, Mirova
    Jonathan Jerémiasz
    Chairman, Le Mouves
    Maha Keramane
    Head of social entrepreneurship and microfinance, BNP Paribas
    Djalal Khimdjee
    Social Business coordinator, AFD
    Géraldine Lacroix
    Director of social cohesion, Caisse des Dépôts
    Cécile Leclair
    CEO, Avise
    Jean-Michel Lecuyer
    CEO, Le comptoir de l'innovation
    Dominique Lesaffre
    Chairman, SIDI
    Marie-Geneviève Loys
    Solidarity investment analyst, BNP Paribas
    Laurence Méhaignerie
    Chairman, Citizen capital
    Antonella Noya
    Analyst, OCDE
    Patrick Savadoux
    Responsable ISR & Solidaire, Mandarine Gestion
    Jean-Michel Severino
    Director, I&P
    Hugues Sibille
    Président de la Fondation, Crédit Coopératif
    Pascal Trideau
    Director, Esfin gestion
    Gaspard Verdier
    Founder-President, Simandef
    Philippe Zaouati
    CEO, Mirova
    Key People


    • Cyrille Langendorff
      International Affairs Director, Crédit Coopératif
    • Raphaelle Sebag
      Director, Impact Investment Lab

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