The global influence of the GSG is built on a unique and growing group of National Advisory Boards, currently made up of 37 National and Regional Advisory Boards, representing 42 countries. A further 34 NABs are under development, many in lower and lower-middle-income countries.



The Malaysian National Advisory Board for Impact Investing


Promote National Policy and Foreign Direct Investments: Collaborate with regulatory authorities to strategize more broadly on the regulatory regime applicable to harness the power of capital (source from various sectors and industries) for impact

Increase Supply: Unlock catalytic capital from various partners

Increase Demand: Support mission-driven companies of different stages


A dedicated group focused on pushing the national agenda of impact investment forward.


A coalition that consists of a broad set of stakeholders of both the current and potential development of the field.


A representation of impact principles and goals locally and globally.

Key People

Board Members

Contact :

    Bryan Lim Tsin Lin
    NABs Chairman, Khazanah Nasional Berhad
    Chris Chan
    Claritas Capital
    Noor Amy Ismail
    Norma Mansor
    University Malaya
    Jane Chang
    Social Value Malaysia
    Dr. Melissa Foo
    Sunway iLabs Ventures
    Keeran Sivarajah
    The Bridgespan Group
    Vivien Teu
    Yew Jian Li
    NABs Executive Director, Citrine Capital
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