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Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia

Mission & Purpose

Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia (SIA) works to promote the development of impact finance in Italy. The NAB brings together investors, social enterprises, market builders, and philanthropic institutions from 24 organisations aiming to establish a new economy that combines economic sustainability with positive social and environmental impact. SIA carries out advocacy, research, communication, and market development activities in order to create a favorable ecosystem for investments with positive impact.
  • Connect

    Governments, financial institutions, businesses, along with universities, research centres, third sector actors and local communities.
  • Communicate

    the good practices of impact investing to embed positive social value into our economy.
  • Develop

    the impact finance market for a sustainable and impactful allocation of economic resources.
  • Research

    within the impact investing sector, facilitating contacts and providing case studies to optimise the use of its tools.

Key Resources

    More resources available on:

    the SIA website.

    Key People

    Board Members

    Giovanna Melandri
    Massimo Lapucci
    Vice Chair
    Stefano Granata
    Vice Chair
    Carlo Borgomeo
    Fondazione con il Sud
    Elena Casolari
    Fondazione Opes
    Riccardo Rasi
    Fondazione Enasarco
    Sergio Gatti
    Giuseppe Guerini
    Cecop-Cicopa Europa
    Elena Jacobs
    Intesa Sanpaolo
    Laura Penna
    Raffaele Rinaldi
    ABI - Associazione Bancaria Italian
    Mario Calderini
    Chair of Scientific Committee

    Key People


    • Filippo Montesi
      Secretary General Social Impact Agenda per l'Italia
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    • Rossella Paci
      Administrative Officer
    • Claudia Valenti
      Communication Officer
    • Michela Pesavento
      Advocacy Officer

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    Supporting Organisations

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