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The Israeli Forum for Impact Economy (IFIE)

Mission & Purpose

The Israeli Forum for Impact Economy (IFIE) connects, convenes, and catalyzes multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations in Israel, bridging Israel’s impact ecosystem with various national and international dominant players from the corporate, VC & business sector, government & public institutions, academia, private and social sectors. The NAB aims to promote and expand a sustainable economy in Israel by raising the significance of impact investing and its instruments and addressing market challenges.


The IFIE’s Five Pillars of Strategy towards an Impact Economy include:
  • Awareness – Expand public awareness and discourse around the benefits and potential of the Impact Economy.
  • Policy – Promote the Israeli impact economy by advocating for supportive necessary policy and regulation.
  • Impact measurement tools – Strengthen and expand the use of Impact management methods across industries and sectors.
  • Demand for capital – Expose the local industry to opportunities and growth potential driven by impact investments.
  • Supply of capital – Increase the net capital invested in Israeli impact ventures by corporations, private investors, philanthropic institutions, and venture capital arms.

Key Resources




    More resources available on:

    The IFIE’s YouTube channel 

    Key People

    Board Members

    Yaron Neudorfer
    Prof. Yossi Tamir
    The Joint and NII
    Ella Alkalai
    Alina Shkolnikov
    The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (Israel)
    Eli Booch
    The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (Israel)
    Nicky Newfield
    Arc Impact
    Ofir Azury
    Gandyr Ltd.
    Cecile Blilious
    Pitango Venture Capital; Impact First Investments; GITA
    Orit Vaknin
    The Beyond Family Office
    Prof. Eugene Kandel
    Start-Up Nation Central
    Sandrine Montsma
    Bridges Israel
    Noga Levtzion Nadan
    Value2 The House for Responsible Investments; GreenEye
    Dorit Salinger
    The Ministry of Finance

    Key People


    • Prof. Yossi Tamir
    • Yaron Neudorfer
    • Vanessa Kacherginsky
    • Hila Hillary Katz
      Senior Project Manager

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